For companies

CarGo is a mobile application for ordering a ride from point A to point B in the most modern way.  The application connects the user with a driver in real time and provides  him with the information about the driver, his name, his car type, and the number of his registration plates. Payment option for companies  is invoice on a two-week or on a monthly basis.

The company accaunt carries a number of additional benefits to companies that signed a contract with us. Some of them are:

  • The ability to track and control the cost of transportation for their employees
  • There are no paper documents, vouchers and refunds
  • CarGo is also 25 to 30% cheaper than taxi service 
  • The quality of  our service is higher than ever, and we are improving it daily.
  • There are no obligations for monthly or weekly use, ride as much as you want , whenever you want.

CarGo service will be charged according to a pre-determined price list that includes the start price, minutes (spent in the ride) and mileage.