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Sign up once and determine your preferred payment method. When you’re ready for Go! select a vehicle type and click “Request a Ride”.

Anywhere, anytime

You will get an estimate of the time that the vehicle needs to arrive, as well as the price of the drive, by entering the destination before Go!

Fast and simple

When you get to the destination, you just get out of the vehicle and Go! – No cache with cash, without waiting for a change and account. Driving is automatically charged and the account is sent simultaneously to the email.

Assesment of driving

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Select your route and final destination. See your driver, his car and registration. Follow the arrival of your vehicle on the map and be ready just in time.


Control all the expenses, get rid of all the coupons, recipts, deposits and refounds. Let your employees feel the comofr of modern corporate transport.


Set your own work hours and earn as much as you need. It is easy to earn money when you help people get to their destination. Drive with us, this is a great opportunity to earn, meet new people and learn about new technology. Receive a paycheck once a week, keep an insight to account details, traveled distance and ride revenue.

Congratulations ! ! ! First of all, the beautiful idea and idea of ​​the logo application is on top level.


Lives in: Belgrade

I successfully reset the password. Thanks a lot and every cast at the speed of the solution problem! All the best!

Radioaktivan milja

Lives in: Zagreb

Congratulations , I'm driving a lot with uber in foreign countries and I did not know that there was a cargo in Serbia, you got a user and a big promoter!


Lives in: Vienna

The application is the best and I am one of the top satisfied users! Good luck and just ceep growing!


Lives in: Vienna

Great application and great drivers really, I'm sorry I use it briefly.


Lives in: Pogorica

Finally you used the Super app again! Keep up the good work!

Tamara N.

Lives in: Zagreb

Schedule the most favorable airport transfer in the city!

CAR: GO carries passengers to and from the airport.
You can schedule your day by filling out our form.

Without night rate, same price 24/7

Our drivers al the best at their job. We are putting them through all the best tests so we could provide only the best and safest rides for our customers. Depending on number of passingers and luggage you can chose between our two classes: Miny and Eco. Regardless the time of the day the rate is the same for day and night rides. Before the ride you can check the recomended price by activating the Fare Estimate option

Job that puts you before everything else.

CAR: GO application provides you with the safest online payment in Serbia.